PET Plastic Cups 24OZ

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- 100% PP and PET Food Grade Material
- Reliable and granted with Iso 9001:2008 standard, HACCP standard
- Produced from the latest cup making machine from Illig-Germany
- Exporting standard with rimmed cups
- Economic with PP, PET cups from modern production line
- Various in volume (8, 12, 16, 22, 24 and 34 oz) and diameter (95, 98 and 117 mm)
- With or without lids depending on client's request
- Poly bag or paper box with designs for inner packaging
- Poly bag or carton with designs for outer packaging

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Name Description
Brand Name Thuan Loi Trading
Material PET
Color Transparent
Dimension OD98mmx155mmx6mm
Model Number TL003
Payment Method TT/LC
Delivery Method FOB/CIF/CNF

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Jessica Pham - Myanmar Blogshop

Jessica Pham
Total Products: (8)
Lot 12 Trung Tam Street, Tan Tao Industrial Park, Tan Tao A Ward, Tan Binh District, Vietnam.

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Price: USD 2
Category: Home & Kitchen
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PET Plastic Cups 24OZ

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