Washing Powder 3kg

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Laundry task is time consuming and requires a lot of effort to hand scrub, brush, or bleach, especially when you face tough stains. Number-1 Washing Powder makes your laundry task lighter & quicker.
+ Clean clothes with less time and effort
+ More time for yourself and family
+ Remove all kinds of stain, make your clothes brighter
+ No chemical harm
+ 3.0 kg/ bag 
+ 5 bags/ a carton box
Bag, carton box

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Name Description
Brand Name Goldsun, Vietnam
Color white powder, red bag
Model Number 01
Payment Method Cash on delivery in Yangon/ Bank
Delivery Method pick up or home delivery

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Mai - Myanmar Blogshop

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Yankin Township, Yangon, Myanmar

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Product ID: 157
Price: MMK 5,600
Category: Home & Kitchen
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Washing Powder 3kg

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